The Chronicles

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Callan Industries Steam Hawk

The Steam Hawk is a fast personal air transport carrier. It is one of many vehicles to pilot, along with tothers such as dirigibles, rotor chairs, bi-planes and maybe even rockets :)

Ahoy there, three of the Nautiloid

The Nautiloid serves the Nautilus, but is a very capable small ship in its own right. It can't cover the vast distances that the Nautilus can, but it is very manouverable and can achieve stealth raids on ships and shore lines when necessary.

A quick test jaunt in the Steam Hawk

The Steam Hawk has no on board weapons, but it's easy to take your own perosnal choice with you. It can hover whilst you need to target and fire on any aggressors.

Steampunk Air Skirmish

The Empire just sat and watched as a peaceful trader (ahem) was minding his own business and was attacked by sand pirates who have acquired a RotorChair and a BFC (Babbage Flying Cannon). Disgraceful, why do we pay our taxes ...